We are working successfully in:


  • Management of aerodynamic measurement in wind tunnels
  • Design of aerodynamic Models
  • Supervision and operation of wind tunnel measurement equipment
  • Interpretation and analysis of aerodynamic test runs


  • Analysis of technical workflows and structures
  • Cost, Use of potential and Value analysis
  • Project management / Support of critical project situations
  • Background management assistance
  • Time management

EASA Certification

  • Certification of all changes to all aircraft
  • External 21J DOA Services
  • Airworthiness Trainings

Construction and Development

  • The generation of construction records
  • Interior design, development & concept
  • Electrical components
  • System development and test
  • Structure
  • Tools
  • Prototype construction

Certification and Computation

  • FEM-calculation
  • Statics, Dynamics and Stability
  • Fixed body simulation
  • Airflow and Structure analysis

Software Engineering

  • Workflow and Portal development
  • Development of process management systems
  • Modelling of databank Systems

Technical Documentation

  • Compilation of manuals and specifications
  • Compilation of project flow planning
  • Operation & instruction manuals